Friday, July 15, 2011

Like Voices From Another Room.

-written February '11

Today drags
Stays a beat behind
And the lovely song this morning was singing
Has gone terribly out of tune
I’m sitting by a roaring fire
Which is actually a television
With a recording of a fire
Set on endless repeat
All light and no heat
And outside the sunset like a hemorrhage
Bleeds through a bandage of clouds
And it’s going to be one of those nights
Where secrets get passed around
Get spilled out
All over the frozen ground
Somebody turns up the volume on the TV
And the hiss and crackle of the fake fire
Sounds a little like voices from another room
Like the echoes of whispers
And there is a woman at a table
Slowly writing in her journal
Everything she wants to tell her husband
Who is far away fighting a war
She rereads past entries
All the moments he has missed
And then a flurry of scribbling, a sad smile,
And the little artificial fire reflecting
In the loneliest eyes you’ve ever seen

For Tobi....and her soldier. Godspeed him home...

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