Saturday, July 16, 2011

The New Math.

My evermore favorite Hollywood wonder-girl, Shannon Ivey, sent me the video below. The world's most expensive car wash- 6000 dollars, or 20 times the per capita income of The Congo. Twelve times that of Liberia, and ten times that of Guinea, Somalia, Comoros and Solomons.

That's 6000 dollars, or 200 dollars more than the combined incomes of the ten poorest nations in the world's average worker's yearly salaries.

There are well over 200 million people with no home or viable shelter in the world but no such misfortune for a pampered pair of UK Great Danes. Their dog palace is being built on an exclusive estate near Cirencester in Gloucestershire.

After a long day of sniffing each others rears and licking their, well you know, the dogs will retire on "sheepskin-lined, temperature-controlled beds, soothe their aches in an 18in-deep spa with a saline treatment built in because it's good for their coats. Then howl along to a £15,000 sound system and watch dog-friendly programs on a 52-inch plasma TV. Automatic dispensers will ensure that chilled, filtered water and deluxe dry food are always available. The two dogs will each have a bedroom with large windows which overlook their own private playground."

"There is also a sophisticated retina scanner installed at the front door to stop any other dogs getting in. Plans for the 400 thousand dollar pet palace, and for an adjoining house for the dogs' mistress, have been approved and building work is to begin at the Lower Mill Estate in the spring."

OK. Thinking caps on Mathmateers: 400,000 dollars. That's over 1300 times the average yearly wage for a resident of the Congo. So if 1333 Congolese workers worked for an entire year these two dogs and their canine concubines would not have to be homeless.

And back on this side of the pond...

Barkley Hotel and Spa, where, according to the ABC report, if you are "crazy about dogs" your pet can have a bedtime story read to him or her in front of a soothing artificial fire. Last year 41 billion dollars was spent on pets.

Pop Quiz!

How many Somalian men, women and children must work an entire year for Fluffy and Fido to live in luxury? If you said 68 thousand, you're way wrong! Try 68 million! Or my dear Mathmateers, the entire population of Somalia, seven times over, working an entire year plus overtime to care for the pets of the first world.

Not Great Danes, just two little Somali boys.

Picture your little girl, dying of thirst, and the clean water of a 6000 dollar car wash, circling down the drain. Picture your starving son, digging his dinner from the dumpster while dog bowls are auto-filled and auto-cleaned. Picture the one dearest your heart, and do the math. Are they any more important than somebody else's dearest one? Are all men created equal? Or is that the old math, the math of poets, and lovers, and a savior who laid down His life for His brothers.

Study hard....the Pop quiz is coming....what have you done for the least of these?


  1. You always have such a way of making me nauseous...(in a weird way I think you know thats a good thing.)

  2. Rebecca! I know that's a good thing. I just get this mental picture of this starving homeless family knocking on the door of a house and this Great Dane answers and....well you know. My blood boils.