Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Patience of Obama?

Job. Defending his innocence, lamenting his loss.

As always, politics aside. Nancy Pelosi said this week that President Obama's patience was much greater than that of the Biblical figure Job.

Ms. Pelosi, darlin', Job lost all of his children. He lost all his livestock. He was covered in boils. Satan himself was out to get Job and even, at least in Job's mind, so was God. Have ya even read the Bible Ms. Pelosi? The President's had a rocky year, his detractors are many, but all things considered, Mr. Obama is in pretty good shape.

Please refrain from the type of empty rhetoric and baseless hyperbole that insults people of faith everywhere.



  1. she's a sycophant if I ever saw one

  2. Ha. Yes Annabelle. I believe you're right.