Monday, January 2, 2012

Indian Love Story: T-minus 9 Days And Counting.

Last night in a pseudo-sacred ritual of catharsis and closure I had a lil bonfire to purge the universe of my past life. All the woodland creatures were in attendance with wild moon-lit eyes. Together we celebrated, rode upon the "wheels of fire, cosmic, rich, full-bodied honest victories over desperation" that Thomas Merton wrote of. 

I burnt my vest from work (no deference here nor disrespect...I love my co-workers), I burnt bank statements, house papers, all the scraps from the table of that other life, not even fit for the dogs.

River officiated...from a distance...not wanting to add credibility to what he was sure was a black pagan mass of sorts. He refused to be photographed mumbling something about a future career in intergalactic politics and being permanently tainted by his complicity in this act, but he did agree to photograph the event, more for evidence I suspect than revelry. Below, is how I looked....
.... but this is how I felt....
Simultaneously looking backward and forward, straddling the border of the countries of two years, all the while en-wreathed in smoke, the scent of which, a sweet perfume, that slept in the tangles of my hair and woke me early with the thought, 'the deed is done, the day is new'.

This morning I walked back to that black spot, out of the cool ash of the same fire, in solidarity to the people of my new country, I put a grey dot on my forehead.

Fire is a cleaner, a refiner, it burns away all that is temporary, all that is impure. Nature teaches us this and we have learned to apply it, from the farmer burning off fallow fields to restore fertility to the doctor cauterizing a wound with intense controlled heat. But I was amazed to find, throughout so much literature and even ancient culture fire inextricably linked with love. But then what else fully describes the raw insatiable hunger, consuming transforming wild nature of love than fire?

An anonymous and maybe a bit whimsical proverb, attributed to the French, goes, “When a heart is on fire, sparks always fly out of the mouth.”  Scripture says the same, "Out of the heart the mouth speaks". Those beliefs, passions and desires that burn the fiercest in our souls will be the very things that salt our speech with fire. So it is that everyone I talk to these days gets a conversation sparked with my passion for India, ablaze with my love for her children, and of course quite consumed with Prishan Foundation and its lovely founder. 

So an update on the journey then! My week has begun with the kind of practical business that a move demands, banking and bills and such, but my mind is far from those tasks, deeply entrenched in Delhi with Narges, our epic 30 hour train ride to Rayagada and of course the 34 precious girls there! The highlight of the week, and sorta of the last big hurdle, was several large last minute donations with which Prishan Foundation now has the full amount of 43,000 dollars to build the girls their home!!!! AND they also have an extra 9 thousand that will help with any construction overages and then will pay for food and utilities at the new Assist Home for a whole year!!!! What an amazing last few days this has been, what an incredible start to this New Year!!!! Oh what a fire that has been kindled, and oh how brightly love will burn!!!!


  1. Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! Annabelle! I am soooooo ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. LOVE that last picture with the turning head! Wow! Haha I like Mike's comment! Forward motion!

  3. Em! Thank you! The whole burning of the vest was your idea!!!!! HAHAHA