Monday, April 30, 2012

Dandelions Roar.

Wrote this one a little while back, it's for any of you falling in love, or hoping to fall in love, or even licking your wounds from a love lost... And for those of you already in love, forgive me for being a bit childish and over done (but you know how these things are...) and for those of you who write poems, I really am truly rhymes.

Tonight I suppose there will be
Some celestial event
Shooting stars 
Or a pale blue moon
Crawling across night's black pavement

And tomorrow’s sun will surely be 
Breathtaking, I suppose
As it wakes itself 
To dawn the day
And glow the green world gold

And Saturday pigs may fly
And dandelions roar
And fish may wriggle 
From their waters
To walk upright upon the shore

And every month and every year
Will hold in its trembling hand
Some otherworldly 
Wealth of wonder
For all to gawk and awe and grin

But I will miss the sights I suppose
As I always do
Pushing through the fevered throng
Somewhere lonely straining 
To catch a glimpse of you

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