Monday, November 4, 2013

Among Other Keys

There’s a new sheriff
In the tumbleweed town of 
Your one-horse heart
He pulls you from his pocket 
Polishes you up
And pins you on his dusty leather vest
This beautiful brass badge of you 

But you are also the straight backed chair
That he sits in, 
Leans back in all day
And the railing 
That he rests his boots on 
The ten gallon hat that shades his eyes
And the smooth round peg that holds his coat

You are the tune he whistles, 
Whose name he forgets
And the hobbled old hound
Licking his outstretched palm
He calls and you come
Wagging your tail 
Whenever he needs someone to blame 

But mostly I think you are his prisoner
Curled up on a cot 
In a windowless cell
And how I long to be hanging there
From that little loop 
A key among other keys
But the only one that can ever set you free


  1. Out loud--I read it out loud and the sounds--they go forward, like a good clock! :) Glad you've dusted the (computer) keys off.

    1. Ah hA! Out Loud! Tick tock that dusty old clock, wound down and shelved in a room from another winter past. You made my day Em.

  2. When I heard you were running on coffee and espresso and food was forgotten for writing. . .it made me hope just maybe you might have finally taken to gracing your the web with your poems.


    P.S. Goes well with sun-warmed Granny Smiths

    1. hahah thank you Annabelle I am nursing a hot cup of espresso and coffee right nooooow. ahhh if only i had a sun-warmed granny smith....