Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Undiscovered Moons

Did you know that your name
In Arabic means noble and kind
Same for in Slovakian
And German I think

And in Dutch it means alone
Which I love and in Celtic it’s fair
Gaelic, bright, in Irish, beautiful
And in Greek it roughly translates pity

But I had the most wonderful thought
That at the end of days
After the blood runs bridle deep in Megiddo
And the swords are pounded to plowshares

That after the feast of hidden manna 
After you get your new name
The one written on the water-worn white stone 
The name no one knows but you

If you might not mind too terribly much
If while you and I are out riding giant seadragons through outer space
With heads full of names for undiscovered moons
You’ll let me name one after you

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