Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Strange Jazz

Sleep is a warm woman
With watersmooth skin
Scented with a sweet perfume
Called dream

Morning is a lover
Jealous and scorned
Who sulks the day through
Dreads the long night

But morning has its minions
They stalk in shadows
Haunt the dark hours
From dusk to dawn

The catopossum and the racoondog
Tearing into the trash
Dancing on the can’s steel drum lid 
And beating it with padded paws

A lost watch begins to beep
It’s 2:20 a.m. metronome
The ragged band of beasts 
Falls right in time

A strange jazz
All percussion and moans 
And sensuous meows
Hungry and alone

Then the staccato solo
Of the cool black crow
And then the final refrain
The chorus of crickets

All singing of morning
The last waking of the last day
Before the sun burns black
And all dreams die

But then the song fades
The trash can bounty spent
And the sweet scent of sleep
Has gone strange and sour
And her arms, stiff and cold

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