Thursday, February 13, 2014

The First Taste Of Rain

Life is too short for all the lessons. Some days I remember that, some days I pay attention. I listen harder, look closer, touch more. 

The lessons are all around me. They are in every atom, and every conglomeration of atoms, and all the invisible business of an atomic nature.

There are the universal lessons, the ones that scripture assumes we all see, the glory of the Creator in the created. 

I saw the Painter in His brush strokes today. Seems there are always so many lessons at the sea.

I saw the shells. Like flowers from the hand of the sea for her mistress the shore. I saw an upturned shell, sun bleached and hemmed in by sand, I imagined its first taste of rain. I saw in every single one the Earth's Engineer, His math in their endless patterns. In every spiral and radial sequence

I see the boats, like the split bellies of a great fish. Wooden rib cage, wooden skin. Ancient men learned their lessons and then conquered the surface of the sea. What will I learn today?

A child searched for sea glass so I helped him. He liked the blue best, held his breath every time I poured my finds into his tiny hand. "Blue!" He squealed.

The sea takes the careless trash of humanity and gives us back a humble gem. Smooths the jagged edges. (This is that lesson.) I am that glass, desperate (and ever resistant) to be tumbled and water worn around all my roughness, to be smoothed on my sharpest spots, by God's boundless ocean of Grace.


  1. Mark! That perspective, where you're looking, paying attention, open to the lesson, the Grace--the transforming, energizing grace of God….oh, tommy shared this with me. I feel like you'd like it too!

    "This is the grace of God in its peculiar NT sense. It is not merely God's favor towards those who might merit his approval, it is His unlimited, all-inclusive transforming love toward sinful men and women; the good news of this grace, as revealed in Jesus Christ, is "the power of God unto salvation." It isn't merely that God's mercy and willingness to forgive, it is an active, energizing, transforming power to save. Thus is may fill a person, it may be given, it is all-sufficient, it establishes the heart." Establishes the heart! May your heart be established by Love today.

  2. Thanks a million mountains Em. And Tommy too. Grace establishes the heart. Yup. That's perfect.