Monday, December 19, 2011

Politics Schmolitics!

Still a year from the elections and I am already green at the gills running to the hills sick of the rhetoric, the divisiveness and the look at me I am the savior of the status quo while simultaneously the fulfiller of dreams speeches spewing from the mouths of the would be rulers of america. I honestly can't stomach much more of this. Politics for me is love God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself. Easy as pie. 

Mmmmmm pie.....

I was driving back this morning from Jackson, MS, our state capitol and therefore the mecca for all thing tax and title related. I had to get a duplicate title for my jeep because I am selling everything I own and moving to India. But that is a story for another day...

I was lost in a daydream (give you a guess who that might have been about) when a bumper sticker on a truck got my attention. Mostly because of it's sheer size. The megalithic banner proclaimed. "I Miss Reagan". 

Now I am thinking to myself, does this guy really miss Reagan???  Were they like BFF back in primary? Did they share a foxhole in 'Nam?? And I realized what he means is he misses the life he had when Reagan had the wheel of the Executive Branchmobile. Politics has descended far from the days of "Ask not what your country can do for you...." Where is the personal sacrifice, not for the once great future State, but where is the humble service to the poor?? 

So in the spirit of all things political...puke....I asked my friend Michael "Cool Hand-3years in the book of-Luke" Dixon, who is also a fellow blogger and minister of the small community church where I attend, to tell me "theologically speaking" what a country might look like with Jesus at the helm. I have touched on this before here. Be sure to note Mike's sublime sarcasm. He has the gift. But don't let it fool you, he actually believes this stuff. I have heard him in as many words describe this upside down kingdom of Christ in greater detail several times in front of a crowded chapel. Here's his take....

"In a land where Jesus is president. Ironically election is no longer a divisive term politically or theologically. He is in office because he campaigned by giving everything he has away. There are no more citizens. Just sons and daughters. His cabinet is made up entirely of children. There are two laws and it is up to you to obey. 1) Give every part of yourself to God (yes even the gross parts) and 2) Love everyone on earth like they are the God in whose image they are made.

The tax code is simple: If you have more manna than you need give it away to those who are hungry before it stinks up your tent. Foreign relations take place around a large table. Everyone brings their best food and wine, and we tell stories. (I, that is Mike, will be eating with the Thai members of the family, and telling stories with the American southerners). The army trains by running wide armed at stuffed dummy replicas of the "enemy", and then practices throwing themselves at their mannequin feet with a towel and basin. This will take some practice before they can really get between the toes. All zoos have no fences because the snakes don't bite and the lambs use lions as pillows. Oh and we all get to talk face to face with the President anytime and anywhere we want, His schedule is surprisingly open."

I asked Mike to write this mainly to add a bit of spiritual authority and academic credibility to this post which seems only to highlight my increasingly cynical view of the three-ring circus of politics. Let me say I am not immune to how charged certain issues are, how important certain laws can be, but what I am saying, what I am hoping, is that we will all examine our motives for how we vote and ask ourselves, do the most fragile among us end up more broken? Do the weakest among us have their loads lightened? Do the orphans and widows have any representation, any voice at all? 

I will leave you with these two things: The wisest words on practical politics I ever got, 

"Get off your ass and serve somebody!"

......and a short poem I wrote for my son when he was 5 or 6. 

I'm tired of talkin' politics
Let's talk polliwogs instead
Or lollipops or poppycocks
Or the shape of someone's head
We can talk on any subject
From mumbley-pegs to bumble bees
But since were talking politics
I'll vote for you if you vote for me


  1. Debating politics has a way of paralyzing me (which maybe is my lack of knowledge and understanding) and it makes me feel like MY actions hardly matter, that the issues are too big, that only lawyers can help, and that only presidents can make change come about. But you are so right on, that to focus on people in the face of politics, can empower us. We feel motivated. We feel like neighbors. P.S. A cruel blogger's trick to reference something big like selling everything and moving to India, and then move casually along!

  2. HAHAHAHAHA! Emily!!! I am frickin moving to INDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am going to be living with a whole flock of precious orphan girls!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I am not surprised that you are moving to India, but to throw it in there so casually like that. Geez...I think I know the basics, but more info please :) Oh, and politics, bleh.

  4. Bleh! I know Rebecca! Hate. It.

    I will be there three months on one month off to be with the kiddo. It's the one in Rayagada, Orissa. I am so frickin excited I can't even stand it!!!!! Narges leaves the 5th and I leave on the 11th!!!! Is this really my life??????

  5. And we'll all sit around singing Kumbaya... heck, it'd be our National Anthem.

  6. HAHAHA that would be frickin awesome Cathy!!!