Friday, August 19, 2011

Meet Susanne Eman. The World's First 2000 Pound Woman?

Susanne Eman wants to be the heaviest woman ever. The current record is 1,600 pounds. The 32 year old from Arizona ingests 20,000 calories a day in hopes to reach half her goal by December's end.

And then she plans to increase her caloric-intake. "I'd love to find out if it's humanly possible to reach a ton,’ she says. That isn't hyperbole. She really hopes to weigh 2000 pounds.

According to the Daily Mail online story, Susanne visits the supermarket once a month with her sons Gabriel, 16, and Brendin, 12, and spends up to eight hours filling six buggies. "It's like a full day's work," said Susanne, who uses a motorized scooter to navigate the store.

Suprisingly Susanne believes she can stay healthy. She adds, "The bigger I get, the better I feel. I feel more confident and sexy. Why shouldn't I push the limits and see how fat I can get and stay healthy?"

"Two years ago I hit 400 pounds because I was losing my battle against weight gain," she said. "I noticed I actually started attracting more men, and it made me feel good."

Susanne and her sister.

Susanne cannot work because of her weight, to stay active she says, "I go for a waddle and do stretches and exercises every day. My muscles need to hold up to my weight, so I have to stay strong. I take my blood pressure once a week, and every day, after I exercise, I take readings of my other vitals. I use a pulse oximeter to measure the concentration of oxygen in my blood stream. And I take my blood sugar levels just like a diabetic. If either of the readings go above a certain level, I'll immediately contact my doctor for advice. If I was to get sick, I've arranged for my sister to take care of my kids."

Susanne's daily 20,000 calorie plus diet...

Breakfast: 6 x eggs scrambled, cooked in butter 468 cals. 1/2 pound bacon 1,168 cals, 4 x potatoes as hash browns 672 cals, 6 x pieces toast with butter 600 cals, 32 ounce cream shake 1,160 cals. Snacking 1 x bag of animal cookies 1,950 cals, 2 liter bottle of soft drink 800 cals, 1 x 10.5 ounce bag of barbecue flavour crisps 1,650 cals, 3 x ham and cheese sandwiches 1,576 cals.

Lunch: 3 x beef, bean and green chilli burritos with 1 x cup of sour cream 1,453 cals. Salad (1 head lettuce, 1 cup cherry tomatoes, 1 cup carrots, 1 cucumber, 1/2 cup ranch dressing, bacon bits, 1 cup crumbled cheese, 1 cup chicken 1,479 cals.

Dinner: 12 x filled tacos + 1 x cup sour cream 4,906 cals, 2 liter bottle of soda 800 cals, Dessert 8 x scoops vanilla ice cream 2,080 cals, 1 x small pan of brownies 1,200 cals.
Total: 21,962 calories


There is so much wrong here. First let me address the majority of the commenters on the Daily Mail Online article thread. You're mean. You are hateful. And with very little exception, you revert to playground taunts and personal attacks to make your point, if you even have a point other than blatant disgust. This woman is desperate for love and attention. She is not psychologically deranged, she is pathologically unhappy. She fills the void in her heart with her drug of choice- food. Her self-abuse and waste is not ok, but please play nice.

Secondly, before I get to where I'm going, Susanne, darling.... There is huge difference between self acceptance and self delusion. You are beautiful, but the way you are made and the way you are making yourself are two very different things. Men may pay you more attention, may fettishize your weight but in the end you are killing yourself, you are destroying your children's chance at normalcy, you may very well be orphaning your lovely boys. Please, whatever it is that has broken your heart, bring it to the One who made you and let him fix it. You don't need to be waif-like and wiry to be beautiful but please, even if it means not getting noticed, do what's best for you and your kids. Or at least do what's right.


How do I explain this:

To him...

Or her...

In a world where there are 925 million undernourished people, where a child dies every 5 seconds because of hunger related complications, where there is no food shortage only a disproportionate distribution of that food, this type of excess is unforgivable. It is a slap in the face of every mother who couldn't make enough breast milk to feed her newborn because of her own malnutrition and had to watch that child starve. It is an affront to every child reduced to digging the town dump for food...

Every year Americans alone spend 174 million dollars on obesity related medical conditions. This makes mockery of the half of the world without any access to medical care. The millions of children whose lives could be saved by simple anti-dehydration salts or a mosquito net. This is NOT OK!!!

Humanitarian groups spend much of their energies trying to solicit funding to do their humble work. They must stretch pennies into dollars and turn the most meager rations of rice and beans into miracles of sustenance. And it is often politicians that these groups must petition for funding, the same politicians that allow people with self imposed disabilities to milk the system for the money for their daily feast and the medical care to keep the health risks of gluttony at bay. What is wrong with us?!!?? And not to single out Susanne, her situation is barely unique, but this is freakin' ridiculous!!!

Before my brain explodes. Please support the amazing Megan Boudreaux as she and the good folks at Respire Haiti feed 700 children in Gressier, Haiti every week. You can donate directly for their food program here. From the bottom of my heart....Thank you! And for the people around Susanne that enable her, or have fed her delusions with disingenuous flattery or full fledged are endangering her life and may be making orphans of her children. You suck.

Susanne, you are loved. Praying for you tonight...Praying for us all...