Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Among dusty papers, from a long ago life, I found this confession...

I thought that mine was a blind faith
But it was just the shadow of doubt
That comes like a comforting darkness
And wraps the heart in a shroud

I thought that mine was a pure love
But I was only hedging my bets
Because I knew that what I would give You
Was always less than what I would get

I thought that mine was a strong truth
But I'm weary from the burden of proof
And the doubt in my mind, is of the worst kind
Because my hands have been inside of Your wounds

Oh my faith is, so very faithless
And my love, my love is just pure hate
And all my truth, is dark lies
But in my weakness You're strength
And in my smallness You're great
And in my lowness You're high
And for this new life You died

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