Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Fingerprint Of God.

It has been said that if men will not praise God that the stones will cry out. Of course some would say that it is poetry, the hyperbole of the zealous. Perhaps. Or perhaps it merely means that if men were silent that the fingerprint of God would still be evident everywhere. But what if, just perhaps, the stones do have a song...

If men be mute the stones will sing
Will shout, will cry, will moan, will scream
Will bellow out against the hush
Your worth, Your truth, Your faithfulness

If stones be crushed to stop the sound
Be blown to bits, to grit be ground
Then from every atom’s heard
Your love, Your light, Your holy word

thought I have often, that if ever there were some great purging, if ever they outlawed god, in every form by every name. If all implements of worship were burned in the buildings that housed them, and all the places where believers gathered were razed to the ground. If every word, thought, feeling, and memory of god were scrubbed from the minds and hearts and souls of man... Would God disappear?

Some would say so. That we are much more sophisticated now, much less superstitious then our ancestors, who concocted god to answer the unanswerable, to comfort the inconsolable. Doorkeeper of heaven, waiting, clothed in clouds, to usher us into eternal bliss.


Well I believe that the Holy Spirit would once again began to call the souls of the sons and daughters of creation. That once again there would rise questions in mankind that no terrestrial answer will suffice and that the Spirit would be right there to lead into all truth. I take great comfort in this. That heaven is not silent, nor would it ever be. That all along the Father has made Himself known. In every sunset and sea dragon..

...every birth and thunderstorm.

Surely His fingerprint is everywhere, in case we should ever forget.


  1. I always read you posts, and your words inspire me to love harder and think deeper. I appreciate your thoughts, and I feel like I never have the "right" words to say in a comment, but I thought you should know they are appreciated :)

  2. Thanks so much Rebecca. I feel the exact same way about your posts. Keep 'em coming.