Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bin Laden Is Dead.

Bin Laden is dead. The people are salivating. The twitter chatter like a jr. high sleepover, giddy and godless. The facebook statuses like a million little epitaphs, cruel, and callous and cavalier. So why do I feel sad? Is it un-American to say I don't feel better. I don't feel a sense of closure. And the dish of revenge, served cold, tastes alot like bloodlust.

Is this the face of evil? Is the world safer? Is the night through, has day dawned eternal? Does my Savior rejoice tonight? Surely the man was a blunt instrument of darkness...but when we rejoice in death...does life lose a little of it's sanctity? Fascist Islam has a new martyr, our president and his people a new trophy, and hell, hell has another soul on which to dine.

Mr. Bin Laden. You were a real son of bitch. But I never prayed for you. I never once asked God to convict you of your rebellion, your brutalities. I never once asked him for your salvation. Murderers have often found redemption in the heart of God. Moses murdered. King David. The apostle Paul. They killed for some of the same reasons you did. And yet God forgave them. Used them to deliver a nation, rule a chosen people, build the church as we know it.

Am I glad that Bin Laden cannot kill again? Sure. If the war on terror is over, if the great utopia begins, heaven on earth, swords into plowshares, lions laying with lambs and such. Yeah, that'd be great. But the storm is coming. The great storm to end all storms. Pray for your enemies now, while there be few, for the day will come, and it may be soon, when your enemies will outnumber the stars.

Forgive me Father for not loving my enemies. When You set the example, when I was still Your enemy. You laid down Your life for me on the cross, because You are love.


  1. Wow... Intensely true? Nailed me too.

  2. Couldn't agree more. I'm unnerved.

  3. echoing my thoughts--to be so self-centred as to quote myself--comments I left on facebook


    "wonder how he's liking his 72 virgins.."
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    Annabelle אנהבל yeah i was just thinking. man you know we're glad he can't terrorise people anymore, but to think someone just went to hell. it's sad that he chose that for himself.


    "Why should I care that the US finally killed Osama Bin Laden? Can someone please tell me why the death of a terrorist, cowering in a bunker, deserves more national press than the passing of David Wilkerson? Or maybe everyone was too concentrated watching the wedding of two powerless monarchs across the sea...
    about an hour ago"

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    Annabelle אנהבל no one seems to care 25000 preschoolers died today from preventable causes
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    I was also just thinking yesterday about how Moses was a murderer, but God did not leave his legacy at that.

  4. sorry, i comment a lot. btw, the picture doesn't seem to be working on my end??

  5. Annabelle. Fixed the picture. Comment all you want. It's got to be said.

  6. Thank you. I have a hard time rejoicing at the death of another human being, terrorist or not. Victory is bittersweet.
    laura k

  7. Do not rejoice when your enemy falls, And do not let your heart be glad when he stumbles;
    Pr 24:17

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  9. Osama has been dead for years. Our corrupt government has run amok and fed the people lies, and we continue to take it hook, line and sinker.

  10. James. Was gonna delete your comment because it was so off topic. But I wanted to be fair. This post was about the reaction of people to OBL's death, whether it was real or fabricated is not the point. As a Christian I an called to pray for my leaders and respect their office and ask God to turn their hearts and give them wisdom to rule. I am just as cynical as the next guy, but I do believe God is in control. Thanks for stopping by.

  11. It's been interesting to see how people react to similar sentiments. This is an offensive [to some] message you have.

  12. Yeah Annabelle it is. But I have been amazed at how many compassionate people have come forward to say they love justice AND peace.

  13. I've been surprised how my friends get up in arms. one of them was sharing a similar message, but that is all. What do you think about the whole releasing the photo hullabaloo?

  14. I won't look at it. I think it's morbid. Nothing good will come of it. What about you Annabelle?

  15. I too have been using "morbid" to describe the idea. I do think we are too desensitised to violence, and I think it downplays the sanctity of life.

    However, I am not sure 1) it won't get out somehow 2) Obama won't bend under enough pressure. Especially if his ratings get low before next election.

    Maybe I should be designated a conspiracy theorist

  16. I agree, i think we are very desensitized to death and it certainly cheapens life. But alas, I'm sure it will come out somehow. Not gonna look though friend.

  17. yeah, I have actually been thinking I probably watch too many "crime dramas" or whatever they are called. even though it's fake, some of the stuff they show is disgusting. I don't get why we [americans as a whole] like it. I don't "like" it per se, but I still watch the shows. ha, I feel another blog post forming in my mind.