Sunday, May 22, 2011

God Hates Fags?

So if I were to say, " My friend, Tom, loves kittens, especially kittens with mittens. Oh, how Tom is smitten with mitten-clad kittens." Then based on that statement you might assume several things. 1. That I know Tom and Tom has told me of His special love. 2. That I have it on good authority from a trusted source, i.e. the personal journals of Tom or the officially sanctioned biography of Tom, that he loves them kittens in mittens. Or 3. That I am completely deluded, and that I made the whole thing up.

Fred Phelps of the now infamous Westboro Baptist Church has claimed to speak for God for some time now.

Mr. Phelps and a few of his friends.

And not that I want to add any credibility to this man or give yet another platform for his message, but I do want to set a few things straight. God does Hate. Scripture spells it out. God, who is love, also hates. So, in the name of fairness let us find out what or who God hates. Not my words mind you, nor Mr. Phelps, but only the things that God says He hates:

1. The worship of, the sacrifice to (especially of children), and the building of, idols.

2. Divorce, although He allows for it.

3. He hates men who love violence and cover their cloaks in violence. I'm guessing that's a euphemism for bloodshed.

4. He abhors pride and the work of prideful hands, especially, but not limited to, palatial estates celebrating ones own greatness.

5. He hates an unjust scale. Assuming that means corruption, bribery, theft, and extortion.

6. God also despises those who have been put in charge of protecting His children but have been derelict in their duty.

7. He hates religious sacrament done without love and humble service.

8. He hates wickedness, lawlessness, and of course, the tried and true standard, the object of His relentless rage, sin.

But what about the sinners?? What about them fags? Them fallen soldiers??

Any mention in scripture of his animosity toward them? Doesn't God's unfettered, incomprehensible and insatiable hate foment at their very existence??

Hmmmmm.... Apparently not. Apparently, while we were all yet sinners, He sent His Son, Jesus, to make a way for us to come back to Him. To replace the Hate he has for our sin with the love He has for His son. What I'm saying here folks is this, God don't hate fags.

Now. Mr. Phelps. You are full of Satan. You are the spawn of Satan. He is the father of lies and you are full of lies. You prove you are your father Satan's child by those lies. And the hate you are so fond to claim as righteous indignation born of God is merely a pathetic veil that doesn't even begin to mask your Satanic pedigree, your Satanic progeny, and your continuing Satanic legacy.

Mr. Phelps. God loves fags, God even loves you. But shut the Hell up!


  1. Ha!! I love you Mrs. Shannon Ivey!! You darlin' rock!

  2. But, they are just so, gay.....
    Love the post.