Thursday, August 11, 2011

God Please Kill Me.

For all the girls who have shared their story with me...

We stayed late
To stack the chairs
And sweep the floor
And you were hungry
So we spread out a choir robe
On the altar
And picnicked on the butt ends
Of the unfinished French bread
Of the broken body of Christ
And you, chewing, said you knew
That God loved you
But thought He might oughtta
Raise His standards
And I said, self-loathing
Was kinda hot
And you shot the grape juice
Of the blood of
The new covenant
Right out your nose
And then you cried right through
Everything your dad ever did to you
As the gathering shadows
Further emaciated
The Son of sorrows
On the large brass crucifix
Above the baptismal pool
And you wept
The most honest prayer
That had been prayed
In that place all day
God please kill me

God hears your broken hearts, your healing is in His arms.

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