Saturday, August 20, 2011

The "P" In PETA Is For...Porn?

Yep. Rueters announced this week that the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is launching a porn site. According to the group, "There will be a lot of girl and boy next door content, but we haven't ruled out celebrities on the site as well." Um....

Sasha Grey, porn star and PETA activist. Her racy ad campaign gained the group much notoriety.

So let me get this straight. To combat the exploitation of animals the group is going to exploit women through objectification? Apparently so. PETA spokeswoman Lindsay Rajt ensures these tactics are cleverly thought out and will get results: "We try to use absolutely every outlet to stick up for animals.... We are careful about what we do and wouldn't use nudity or some of our flashier tactics if we didn't know they worked."

Animal meat bad. Women as meat- acceptable collateral damage. But at least it works, right?

Rajt said, ""We live in a 24 hour news cycle world and we learn the racy things we do are sometimes the most effective way that we can reach particular individuals. Instead of focusing on anti-fur, the porn site will raise awareness of veganism. We really want to grab people's attention, get them talking and to question the status quo and ultimately take action, because the best way we can help the greatest number of animals is simply by not eating them."

The programming will consist of porn interspersed with gruesome images of animal torture and brutality at the hands of humans. Now I am no psychologist or whatever, but this seems like a really, really bad Idea. PETA is going to entice people with porn and then inundate them with images of animal cruelty. Isn't there just the smallest chance that in the human mind these two polar opposite urges may become symbiotically twisted creating a huge upswing in people with fetishes for animals being tortured? Again I am no master of the mind's relationship between visual stimulus and the libido, but if you get somebody all worked up and then show them animals brutally killed it seems to me they are either gonna hate you for ruining their sex-perience or they're gonna develop some bestiality tendencies.

Miss Rajt, I am an animal lover myself, and though completely un-related, a vegetarian too, and if I may be so bold as to tell you your business, the best way for you to ensure that people don't eat animals is not to eroticize the act, even if only by it's proximity to porn. And as a lover of women, a man who fights for the end of sexual tyranny over women, your whatever works philosophy disrespects and endangers your gender.


  1. Oh good grapes. I hate PETA, but I loathe them now.

  2. Yep, good grapes. And what's so ridiculous is how, in one fell swoop, they disrespect all their women members...

  3. what.the.hell. this is just crazy talk. is anyone gonna take them seriously?

    ps. vegetarianism is pretty cool. i practise it about 5 days a week lol.

  4. Ha. Annabelle yer a hoot. I'm actually a pescetarian, but people usually think that's a denomination...ha.

  5. same here. my diet is basically kosher and pescetarian, though i do eat some meat now. . .can't seem to give it up completely. i'm guessing it's mostly becuase i cook a lot with it at work, and i tend to eat what i cook :)

    i want sushi. . .and it's not even 11 yet. geeze.

    ya know i think peta is like a 3 year old. . .so desperate for attention they'll run around the house naked and screaming. lol

  6. HA! Great analogy except three year olds are cute, even when they are bratty. But PETA is just lame. And yes, I always want sushi, and were it as cheap as Taco Bell bean burritos....well ya know..

  7. yeah i love 3 yr olds! i am in the middle of potty training "mine" right now.

    and oh my gosh yes!! i haven't had it in almost a year. it's a shame, i'm part japanese so i should be eating/making more. i went 3x for my bday last year, and i plan to do the same this year. thankfully just a few weeks to wait.

    ps. tried potato tacos? i've had them all of thrice, but it made a good <$1 lunch when i was in school.

  8. Love potato tacos! I am part Irish after all.

  9. Ha. Yeah Karen. It's really, really stupid.